Pool Construction Process

Your Licensed Katy Pool Builder/Owner/Operator on site every day

The pool construction process can be daunting if you don't know what to expect. At Katy Pool, our owner/operator, David Semmel, will keep you informed through every step while personally ensuring that each phase is completed to the high standards you deserve.


First, we meet with you in person at your home to discuss your options and visualizations for your pool.


After we have discussed with you the pool and/or spa you would like to build for your home, we will create a drawing for your approval. Once you approve the design, we can begin the pool building process.


When you've approved your design on paper, we stake out your new pool so you can see what it will look like. We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with our plans. If you like the way the layout looks in your backyard, we will then excavate.


When we finishing digging your pool, we begin to place the steel reinforcement.


We then install the plumbing, making sure to use the most energy efficient Hayward plumbing products.


We ensure a strong pool structure by using 6000 psi gunite.


We will allow the gunite to dry completely before tiling and coping your pool.


If you decide you would like to add decking to your design, we will install it to add a nice, finishing touch to your backyard.


Last but not least, we plaster your pool to ensure a waterproof seal. Once plastering is complete, we immediately begin to fill the pool. We will fill the pool until the water level reaches the middle of the tile. This is done to ensure there are no cream lines left on the plaster. 24 hours after plastering, we put in our own cleaner which is the only cleaner approved by the National Plaster Council. Then we add the start up chemicals to your pool.


Our crews clean up on a daily basis. No trash left behind in your yard. We treat your yard as if it were our own.


We carefully treat your pool water to make sure it has the proper amount of chemicals for crystal clear water. Since it takes 29 to 31 days for your plaster to completely cure, Katy Pool will be there to chemically service your pool for the first month. It's our way to provide our personal customer service and to make sure your pool is chemically balanced and ready to go.


Welcome to Pool School! We make sure every one of our customers has the proper knowledge to successfully operate their brand new pool. Once the pool building process is over and construction is complete, we schedule a Pool School session with you. This session is designed to teach you about you pool equipment, the water cycle and how to properly treat you pool water with chemicals. Pool School is essential to maintaining your pool, and we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need.

You can expect the pool construction process to take about 30-45 days (depending on Mother Nature). So, while additional features and landscaping may take a little longer, we can have you swimming within a month's time!


New Pool Construction

New Pool Construction

The pool construction process can be daunting if you don't know what to expect. At Katy Pool, our owner/operator, David Semmel, will keep you informed through every step while personally ensuring...


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